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Just so you know, you won't GET RICH by taking surveys (well, unless you happen to keep winning their Surveys are a great way to make a few dollars AND help companies understand what their consumers want to see from them.

Many surveys are pretty fun to take. I've taken a few on movies, hair products, and even products for moms. You can take them at your own leisure too. You can decide at anytime to take them or not, no obligation.

I've only just started a few weeks ago, and I've cashed out about $10 and racked up a few more just waiting for me to cash out. I've even been entered into several drawings for various cash and prizes (fingers crossed).

The main thing you need to know about taking surveys is to BE PATIENT. You will not qualify for every survey (believe me, I've taken many where I just entered my age and gender and was told I didn't qualify), so I recommend to join many survey companies. Also, surveys are generally not entirely too long (average is 15 minutes), but can feel long if you don't take a breather once in a while. Be careful though, if the browser is open too long, it might expire and you'll have to do it all over again by clicking on the invite link.

I recommend to do surveys when you have free time with no kids or significant others bugging you for your time. My favorite time to do them is in the morning before everyone wakes up, or late at night when everyone's asleep.

When I can, I will post updates (Week In Review) on my surveys one the main page. I will try to update any money/points accumulated as well as any cashouts. Occasionally I will feature a survey company and talk about my thoughts on it.

All the survey panels I am signed up with are on the sidebar. If you know of any other great survey sites (free, no fee to sign up), please let me know so I can check them out. ;)



Get paid for your opinion.

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