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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Extreme Couponing Experience

About a week ago, my local grocery store was having a sale that if you buy 10 participating items, you save $5. I didn't have much money left for food, so I thought I might check the ad and my coupons to see if it might work.

With coupons and the sales promotion, I got all 22 of the items above for $13.70.....the price before all the discounts? Approx $47. That's a 71% savings!

That is actually my second extreme coupoing experience since I started 2 months ago. My first was when I went to Walmart to buy a phone card for my "throw away" phone. I took my coupons and noticed I had this $6/2 schick razors coupon....I had 6 of those coupons. I found a package of Schick razors that was $1.98 (looking back, i think it was the wrong pkg). That meant I'd be getting back $2 for each pkg. Anyway, I had bought a $5 movie, a few food items, the phone card and all those razors.....with all the razor coupons (and food coupons for the food items)...I paid only $13.75 OOP*....that's less than the price of the phone card. The items w/o discounts and coupons actually came to around $50......that's at least another 70% savings.

ANybody can do it, you just have to find the right situation and store. I still have yet to try CVS deals for ECB because of low $$. I did get to buy a few bars of soap and dish soap for cheap. They ended up being like$.49 each with coupons.

(*Dislcaimer- I do have Food Stamps from the state so prices will the walmart experience, I hadn't paid attention to how much I paid with FS



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