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Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday is Megabucks on Swagbucks!

Sorry for the late post, but better late than never. Friday is their day where you have a better chance to earn big Swagbucks. I earned 20 SB today searching for some free fall wallpaper for my desktop. I already redeemed 5 gift cards to for $5 each (will be able to order something for hubby's christmas present).

NEW TO SWAG BUCKS? Signing up is free, easy, and fun! If you use your Swagbucks to search on a regular basis you should be able to get anywhere from $5 – $20 in gift cards a month just for starting your search at Swagbucks (just like you would google or yahoo). My husband and I both have acconts so it's easy to cash out $50 worth of gift cards in a month. Go here and start searching to win some free stuff!



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